Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to take all of my clothes off?

    • No, you may remove as much clothing that you are comfortable with. You will be covered during the massage, excpet for the area being massage.

  2. Can I have a massage after eating a heavy meal?

    • Yes, however it is not recommended. You will be laying on your stomach for a majority of the massage. Also the massage will increase your circulation as well as your speed up the digestion process.

  3. Is it okay to take my prescription medication before my massage?

    •  Yes, if the medication is taken three hour prior to the massage.

  4. Should my body be hydrated before my massage. 

    • Yes, massages release toxins into the body and you need to be hydrated so your body can flush them out.

  5. Will I experience any headaches after my massage?

    • Sometimes clients do experience headaches after receiving massages. This is why we recommend that you rise slowly from the massage table once you are done. Make sure to drink plenty of water after your massage.

  6. Do you provide Couples Massages?

    • While we currently do not have the space in our studio, we do provide mobile services for couple's massages as well as all other services except for hot stone massages.

  7. Do you have convenient parking?

    • Yes, while we are located in Montrose we do have convenient and free parking.



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