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The Average American Working A Full-Time Job Will Clock About 47 Hours Per Week, Equivalent To Roughly Six Days Of Work. Many Houstonians Allow The Daily Stress Of Their Career, Family Commitments, Social Life (And For Many, School) To Pile Up, Which Takes A Toll On The Body. Neck Cramps, Backaches, And Muscle Cramps Can All Be Attributed To The Stress Of A “Busy” Life.

Many People Seek The Healing Powers Of Yoga To Alleviate The Tension, But Where Can You Turn When Yoga Simply Isn’t Enough?

If You Met A Legend, How Would You Know? “Stanley McDonald’s Healing Hands Perform Miracles!” Many Of His Clients Say. A Dedicated FedEx Employee For 21 Years, Stan Moved To Houston Deciding The Rat Race Just Wasn’t For Him. When Stans Mother Became Very Ill, It Became His Duty To Take Care Of Her. During This Time, Stan Discovered His Passion For Massage And Enrolled In Massage School With The Intent To Become Certified. He Began Studying Massage To Relieve His Mother Of Her Pain In A Holistic Way, Through His Own Healing Hands. Passion And Action Took Over As He Propelled Himself Into Teaching Business At The Houston School Of Massage.  Today, Stan Offers CEU’s In His Specialized Workshops. Students May Take These Courses In Order To Recertify With The Board Of Massage.

Since 2003, McDonald Has Been Sharing His Talent For Healing Workaholic Houstonians, Healing The Aches And Pains Of The Working Class And Others—Offering His Services Not Only To The General Public, But Also To MS150 Riders Biking For NRG’s Team And To Those Affiliated With Kindred Hospitals, Hard Working Nurses And Doctors Who Are On Their Feet For 12-14 Hours Per Day.

Stan McDonald Offers Many Manners Of Relaxation To Return Your Body To Equilibrium At Stan’s Hands, From The ‘Beginner-Friendly’ Chair Massage, To The More Advanced Swedish Massage, Reflexology, And Hot-Or-Cold Stone Massages. Each Form Of Massage Is Ideal In Distinctive Ways To Relieve Stress And Insomnia, Aid In Circulation, And Even Boost Your Immune System.

Promoting Routine Body Maintenance For General Health And Wellness Is The Crux Of Stans Hands, And McDonald Wants You To Understand What Your Role Is In Keeping Yourself Happy And Healthy. When One Becomes A Client Of Stan’s Hands, Homework Is Assigned To His Patient. This Could Include Stretches, A Specific Workout With Specific Reps And Sets To Do At Home. It Could Even Be An Upgrade To What They Are Currently Eating Or Doing.

“Many People Who Workout Often Think That Stretching Is Counter-Productive To Their Workout Regimen; That They’ll Lose Muscle Mass. That’s Simply Not True. You Have Got To Stretch,” McDonald Affirms. Ryan Jacobsen Of Focus Fitness Houston Was Quoted Saying, “Stretching Tears The Muscle Tissue Similar To The Effect That Working Out Tears Your Muscle Tissue.  The Body Then Repairs Those Tears With More Muscle Therefore Making You Stronger And More Flexible. Stretching Combines Active And Passive Components Of Flexing Muscles That Benefit And Protect The Joints Of The Body And Relaxing All The Other Muscles Are Not Benefiting The Stretch; For Example: Reaching For Toes And Not Breathing.”

In Addition To Assigning Stretching Homework For His Clients, McDonald Pays Close Attention To The Specific Needs Of His Clients On An Individual Basis. Sessions Frequency May Be Determined The Client’s Level Of Fitness Or Financial Capability. Clients Who Are Beginners At The Gym May Want To Spend More Time On The Table Or In The Chair To Ward Off That Beginners’ Soreness, Whereas Frequent Gym Bunnies May Feel The Need For Massage Therapy Twice A Month To Fight Off Those Stress Knots.

Along With Personalized Scheduling, Stans Healing Hands Make It A Point To Focus On Protecting Clients’ Modesty And Explaining The Massage Therapy Process. There Will Never Be A Time That A Client Is Made To Feel Uncomfortable About Their Own Modesty—After All, Massage Is All About Relaxation And Comfort-Ability.

“Above All Else, I Want First-Timers To Know That They Should Be 100 Percent Comfortable When Getting Their First Massage,” Advocates McDonald, Recognizing The First-Timer Stigma Of Massage Therapy, “No One’s Going To Force You To Take Off Any Clothing You Don’t Feel Comfortable Removing. This Is A Place Of Relaxation.”

“I’m Passionate About Massage. I Love To Help Tense People Feel Better.”