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My mission is to heal your body and mind.

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Are You In Pain?!

You don’t have to live like this. I am Stan and I am here to heal your body and mind through massage and energetic practices.

  • Massage therapists can gain CEU’s in my courses.
  • Large corporations can promote a healthier way of life for their employees.
  • Couples can learn to massage each other
  • Athletes of all types can be rehabilitated

Learn what Stan can Do for Massage Therapists.   Events & CEU’s

Hours of Operation      

  • Tuesday-Friday 10a-9p
  • Saturday 10a-8p
  • Sunday 10a-6p by appointment only

1617 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006                 832-526-6520

Hot Stone Massage

This hot stone massage will literally rock your world.

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Sports Massage

Relax the muscles, stretch your limbs, increase flexibility and maximize performance.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Removes tension in muscles and connective tissue, improves range of motion and heals injuries.

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Geriatric Massage

A specialized massage designed to relax, increase circulation, and enhance immune system and aid in joint health.

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Polarity Energy Work

We will harness the energy patterns in the body to facilitate faster healing.

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Chair Massage

Given on an ergonomic chair, chair massage provides relief of muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, back, arms and scalp.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Helps to clear bacteria, cell debris, excess water, proteins and wastes from the connective tissue and returns it to the bloodstream for ultimate removal by the kidneys.

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Taps into the internal organs to  improving circulation, reducing aches and pains.

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Swedish Massage

Designed to enhance relaxation with sedating effects and gentle slow firm pressure. Aromatherapy options available!

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Prenatal Massage

This is your special moment in another zone. We usually do a 90-minute massage for you to experience the joy of relaxation and me made to feel like a queen!

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